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Traduction FR Communique Mauritius June 2015

The Executive Board of Mazars SCRL (‘the Board’) wishes to inform its clients and stakeholders that it has terminated its cooperation agreement (‘agreement’) with Corporate Financial Services Limited (‘CFS’), effective as from 22rd June 2015.

In order to maintain the quality of services Mazars provides in Mauritius, the Board has entered into a new agreement effective as from 23rd June 2015 with Mr Udaysingh Taukoordass ACA, AQ and has admitted TK Uday (an audit firm registered with the Financial Reporting Council -FRC ) as a member firm. Pursuant to the above, the new member firm shall have the exclusive right to the name of Mazars and its trademarks in Mauritius.

Important SARS Deadline for Employers

Last year, SARS announced that employers will need to submit bi-annual PAYE reconciliations from 2010 onwards, and the deadline is almost upon us. The first bi-annual PAYE reconciliation covering the period 1 March 2010 to 31 August 2010, is 29 October 2010. The deadline for the next reconciliation, covering the period 1 September 2010 to 28 February 2011, is 31 May 2011.

Tax News Alert

In recent times there has been an alarming increase in bank fraud by criminals utilising the internet. Taxpayers have fallen victim to such scams and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has accordingly found it necessary to tighten up procedures relating to the amendment of bank account particulars.