Budget Books

Here you will find Mazars' budget books.

Budget Report 2016 / 2017

Expectations for this year’s Budget were high from stakeholders and the population in general.
Whether the Minister has been able to meet these aspirations will be a debate for the next few days. Suffice to say that the Minister has been agile and imaginative in his delivery to set a new path for higher growth. He also brings a revised agenda for business facilitation and reforms thus providing the ingredients for the private sector including SME’s and new entrepreneurs to build on this new growth platform.

Mauritius Budget 2012

The Honourable Minister announced his budget 2012 to be about more growth. It sets out a more intensive approach for export promotion,
market development and the opening of the economy. The Minister is prudently optimistic about the future. Mauritius will remain on the path of growth with real GDP growth expected to be around 4%. However, there is a lack of visibility as to how the international business environment will evolve in the future.