Internal Audit

GRC Services provides clients with a number of business advisory services that assist them in best achieving their business objectives.

Through the use of systematic analysis, we provide you with an objective view of your business' state of affairs and recommend appropriate solutions to address the risk, control or governance issues that may arise. Our advisory services cover a broad remit, often involving areas such as the efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting, deterring fraud, safeguarding assets, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Mazars' Internal Audit services are offered across two distinct disciplines:

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Compliance Services & Business Process Improvement

Overseeing reputation, governance, finance and compliance with laws and regulations can significantly increase the demands on management time. Our specialist advisors can ease the burden and take on all or part of your internal audit requirements.
Internal audit is necessary to review and report on the complex, high-risk areas of an organisation.

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Governance Consulting

Governance as a business advisory process provides an exemplary structure for an organisation to work with. It promotes ethical behaviour, accountability and transparency. It encourages economic and financial stability and control, social and environmental responsibility and ethical investment policies and products. Ultimately, it results in enhanced shareholder value.

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