We recognise that you need an audit to meet your legal requirements - and at a cost-effective rate. But, considering an audit represents possibly the most rigorous scrutiny your company undergoes, isn’t it also an opportunity to learn more about your business?

In a competitive profession like auditing, we’re ever aware that price is a major factor. But we also believe your audit should be more than just about placing ticks in boxes to satisfy regulators. We undertake to add value to your audit wherever we can. It’s an approach we’ve employed for decades which evolved from our ‘attention to detail’ credo. It enables us to help protect our clients’ interests while remaining ethically independent in an increasingly more regulated environment. 

Good people make all the difference

It’s a fact that productive relationships grow from clear communication based on honesty and empathy. Our proven method is to recruit talented people with communications skills and common sense as well as technical ability. And from the time they join us, our trainees are mentored through a wider range of business processes than many other firms are prepared to invest in.

 Such nurturing gives our staff an uncommonly high level of business savvy: enabling them to pick up on any ‘cracks’ in your business that aren’t covered by a statutory audit. 

Familiarity breeds: consistency

Subject to rotation and secondments, our policy is to keep the same people on your audit year after year. That way your team develops an understanding of your business, making them more likely to uncover irregularities like:

●human error

●control weaknesses

●the possibility of fraud

●over charging

●inappropriate reporting

●inefficient systems


You will always be allocated a partner within the firm to manage your requirements, who will educate their team about the unique characteristics of your business. This proves considerably more effective than dealing with partners from separate departments, benefiting you with a relationship that stimulates productive insight from a deeper understanding of your business. 

Whatever your size, wherever you are

Mazars' audit division provides audit services to all manner of organisations such as listed companies and owner-managed businesses. Our expertise covers most sectors, from small trading companies, right through to highly regulated industries like pension funds and medical aid providers.

We also sharpen our competitive edge with regular checks on productive hours and client satisfaction surveys that teach us how to improve our services from your comments and opinions. 

A global reach

When your audit requirements extend over national borders we provide an integrated service that deploys cross-border teams under a single managing partner. That way you get the same distinctive level of service, with local knowledge - however far your operations extend. 

Common sense

Isn't it worth choosing not only the most cost-effective auditing firm but one that adds value to your business with lateral thinking and a commercial insight that actually works for you?